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You both write more clearly in English than I would in Spanish. Sadly I only know enough French and Italian to say please, thank you, Where is the bathroom? and Sorry, I'm just a dumb tourist." ;D

Sorry. Try You do get an ad at first, but there should be a link under it to take you on to the page.

I do see the Nile there now, my apologies. It is funny how the different sides can never seem to agree on a name for a battle. We even did it in our own civil war (Manassas versus Bull Run for ex).


The Nile is a bit limited, but this site has a nice map and OoB:

The Mauritius campaign has always been a favorite of mine as the battles are small.

Velmad's International Forum / Re: First learning battle
« en: Abril 07, 2008, 08:11:32 pm »
Oops, sorry. I believe my ID is 182. I passed the link on to two friends and I think they will report for duty soon.


Don't hesitate and ask about any of your Velmad doubts. There are a great comunity of players and moderators that will help you.

If you have any problem with the traslation please ask here.

Hi Munrox,

I read through the rules and did not find anything I could not figure out. I did have a few minor suggestions for clarity.

I would suggest changing "malus" to "penalty".

In a few placed you refer to a group of guns as a "band". If you mean the entire broadside I would suggest changing that to...broadside. If you have broadsides split into sections I would change it to "location" I think.

Thanks very much for the translation and the chance to play. It looks like great fun!


Velmad's International Forum / Re: First learning battle
« en: Abril 07, 2008, 07:49:33 pm »
Please sign me up! I'm a yank (don't hold it against me please) but I'll happily serve in any fleet with an opening.


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