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Velmad: Miniaturas / Miniatures / Cold Wars 2009 photos
« en: Marzo 27, 2009, 02:57:37 pm »
Hi all. I attended the "Cold Wars" miniatures convention a few weeks ago. Every year there seem to be more and more naval games occurring. These are mostly 1/1200 and 1/2400, but you might be surprised that larger scales seem to be popular also. Sadly the lighting in the venue is not great, so only a few pictures turned out. This one uses 25mm (@ 1/56 scale) ships.

I also took a pair of pictures of my friend Paul's Napoleonic land game using the "Sharp Practice" rules and Front Rank figures. I'm not sure how much it really looks like Spain, but it is a beautiful table nonetheless!

The rest are here:

We are ready to score our first victory!

Sailing for NMM are:
Wulfe (ID 180) HMS Minerve
Aaron (ID 182) HMS Blanche

Sailing for Elcano:
Pajaro Bobo (ID 347)
MON (ID 293)

This is the place to discuss the glorious victory of the Dutch fleet over the despicable English at Dogger Bank!  ;)

Este es el lugar para discutir la gloriosa victoria de la flota holandesa en los despreciables Inglés en el Dogger Bank! ;)

EDIT: Don't worry Aaron, just edited the games title and icon for me to be easier to locate games as I'm trying to get all this up to date ;)

Equipos / Teams / [C] Never Mind maneuvers [Public]
« en: Septiembre 02, 2008, 09:03:10 pm »
OK, the private thread is supposed to be just for our top secret strategy and uniform tailoring data. This is supposed to be where we can bore each other with tall tales of shore leave, challenge each other to duels, and engage in the ungentlemanly art of smack talking with other teams.

We can start by discussing how severely we will trounce those Plus Ultra lubbers.

Privado / Private / [*****] Never Mind Maneuvers [Private]
« en: Agosto 29, 2008, 04:52:29 pm »
Welcome to the wardroom for the "Never Mind Maneuvers" team. Here we can discuss strategy, how to make the best boiled baby, whether the "Nelson Checker" is the best way to paint a ship, and other vital topics.

Velmad: Miniaturas / Miniatures / Uniforms References?
« en: Julio 14, 2008, 07:36:35 pm »
Are there any books or websites with information on Marina Real uniforms for the Napoleonic period? I have some British and French sailors and marines in 25/28mm and some small resin ships. I want to build a scaled down chebec (only half a meter maximum) but no one appears to make suitable crews, especially officers. I have a book with plenty of information on the army, but no one seems to notice the navy, at least in English.

Here is the Google (mis)translation:

¿Hay libros o páginas web con información sobre la Marina Real uniformes para el período napoleónico? Tengo algunas británico y francés marineros e infantes de marina en 25/28mm y algunos pequeños barcos de resina. Quiero construir un reducido chebec (sólo la mitad de un metro como máximo) pero nadie parece adecuado hacer las tripulaciones, sobre todo los oficiales. Tengo un libro con abundante información sobre el ejército, pero no parece un aviso a la Armada, por lo menos en Inglés.

I have been trying to gather the necessary data for Munrox to create new scenarios, but so far I come up frustratingly short. I thought some of my fellow captains with access to better libraries or superior google skills might be able to help fill in the blanks.

Ideally Munrox needs the following to create a scenario:
-   name of each ship, class and armament. Number of guns and calibre on each deck, …
-   crew amount and quality
-   flag ship, and division chiefs. An a list of each division’s ships.
-   Some picture of the battle
-   A small historic introduction
-   A map of battle begin (for turn 0)

For Lissa I have a good map of the starting positions and I think I can track down a nice painting of the action. I can also write up a brief introductory blurb. Where I stumble is the detailed data for each ship. The on-line sources I have found so far are Wikipedia and 3-Decks

Here is what I have currently:(edited 23 June 08 to include CyJan's data)

British fleet, Commodore William Hoste, @900 veteran officers and men

HMS Amphion (flag) 32 guns, Captain Hoste
910 tons
Crew 254 (establishment)
Upper Deck 26 x 18-pound long gun
Quarterdeck 2 x 6-pounder long gun + 8 x 24-pounder carronades
Forecastle 2 x 6-pounder long gun + 2 x 24-pounder carronades
At one  point in the battle Captain Hoste had a 5.5" howitzer on the quarterdeck triple-shotted with
grape to repel boarders!

HMS Active, 38 guns, Captain James Gordon
1,053 tons
315 crew (establishment)
Upper Deck 28 x 18-pound long gun
Quarterdeck 8 x 9-pound long gun + 6 x 32-pound carronades
Forecastle 2 x 9-pound long guns + 2 x 32-pound carronades

HMS Cerberus, 32 guns, Captain Henry Whitby
806 tons
Crew 254 (establishment) She was short over 90 men according to James Henderson's The Frigates.
Upper Deck 26 x 18-pound long gun
Quarterdeck 4 x 6-pounder long gun + 4 x 24-pounder carronades
Forecastle 2 x 6-pounder long gun + 2 x 24-pounder carronades

HMS Volage, 22 guns,Captain Phipps Hornby. Her nominal compliment was 150 officers and men
530 tons
22X32 pdr carronades on the gundeck
6X18 pdr carronades on the quarterdeck
2X18 pdr carronades and 2X6 pdr cannon (chasers?) on the forecastle

Franco-Italian fleet, Commodore Bernard Dubourdieu, total strength unknown, but an italian Infantry Bn of about 500  men was embarked. Note that only the frigates saw any substantial action.


Favorite, 40 gun, Captain Antoine-Francois Zavier La Marre-la-Meillerie  :o I have no tonnage, armament, or crew figures

Flore, 40 guns, Captain Jean-Alexandre Peridier I have no tonnage or crew data but she was armed as follows:
28X18 pdrs on the gun deck
16X8 pdrs on the main deck
2X6 pdrs and 2X36 pdr carronades on the forcastle.

Danae, 40 guns, Captain Villon I have no tonnage or crew data but have this for the armament:
28X18 pdrs on the gun deck
16X8 pdrs on the main deck


Bellona, 32 guns, Captain Duodo Need tonnage, crew component, and armament details

Carolina, 32 guns, Captain Palicuccia Need tonnage, crew complement, and armament data

Corona, 40 guns, Captain Paschaligo, 1094 tons Need crew complement and tonnage

Principessa Augusta, 18 gun brig

Principessa di Bologna, 10 gun sloop

Eugenio, 6 gun Xebec

Plus two small gunboats

The Franco-Italian 40s came from different yards, but for game purposes it might be necessary to amalgamate the available data to come up with one generic set of stats that covers all four of them.

Velmad's International Forum / HMS Ontario found
« en: Junio 14, 2008, 01:58:10 am »
If the admins don't want posts of this type here I apologize. I had to share with someone though and my wife couldn't care less! :D Divers found the wreck of the HMS Ontario in remarkable intact condition. The sloop went down in a gale with all hands in 1780, but her masts are still standing!

AARs (After Action Reports) / Havana Battle
« en: Mayo 22, 2008, 05:15:29 pm »
Apologies for my lack of Spanish, but I wished to give my most sincere congratulations to the Spanish captains in the first Havana training game. They soundly defeated us by sinking ow capturing the entire English fleet! I only hope that my personal performance will improve enough that at least the Spanish officers will not become bored. ;D

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