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Título: Jets de combate y la pantalla de Velma Batalla
Publicado por: edward pellew en Diciembre 07, 2010, 04:34:45 pm
     Parece que estamos en un período de efervescencia, donde varios temas están generando mucho interés el debate y las ideas, al mismo tiempo, lo cual es bueno. La desventaja es que nuestra capacidad de respuesta es limitada y la mayor parte se olvida o poner en el estante hasta que se pone una 2 ª vez, o tercera o cuarta vez y así se abre camino por la cola con la producción o se vuelve obsoleta. Así que empiezo este nuevo tema sobre la pantalla
      Mi hermano envió una foto de su nieta sentados en el asiento de un capitán de la aerolínea. Me doy cuenta de que el panel de instrumentos parece escasa, con sólo un número reducido de grandes instrumentos. He comparado que en mi mente con ww2 o incluso 1970 paneles que estaban abarrotados de instrumentos. Creo que la principal motivación para el cambio fue por los estudios de los militares que se encuentran los pilotos de combate había sobrecarga de información. Le tomó mucho tiempo y esfuerzo a pensar en encontrar el instrumento adecuado, recordar que la medición esquema que utiliza (pulgadas, voltios, amperios, rpm, libras por pulgada cuadrada, los pies libras libras de combustible, etc) y luego confirmar que que estaba dentro de un rango seguro, cuando volaban en formación cerca de 500 mph o tratando de escapar de los misiles SAM o estaban en una pelea de perros.
El resultado de esos estudios es que los instrumentos son más grandes, más fácil de leer, pero tienen una funcionalidad de modo (apretar un botón y puede mostrar información totalmente diferente).

Al darse cuenta de los límites de tiempo y conocimiento de nuestro propio maestro elfo Mx. Me pregunto si esto podría aplicarse en cualquier caso a nuestro panel de instrumentos, especialmente la pantalla de campo de batalla. Siempre estoy celoso de cada pulgada de espacio en la pantalla que se cubre por las barras de herramientas, barras de información, la navegación del navegador, cajas de ventanas emergentes, etc encubrir mis barcos y naves enemigas, y mi camino de entrada y salida a la meta. Por ejemplo ahora tenemos 3 cajas emergente en la pantalla:

1. cañón / cuadro de arma de cubierta
2. el cuadro de relación de efectos (entre los buques de fatiga, golpes, etc Creo que eso es lo que hace)
3. el cuadro de identificación del buque

1) Dado que sólo se utiliza una caja a la vez, qué alegría sería si que ocupaban el mismo espacio con un botón en la esquina que girar el 3 cajas diferentes.

2) La alegría se agregó la posibilidad de arrastrar la caja a un lugar vacío en la pantalla, pero eso sólo sería crema batida en la parte superior de la tarta de fresas.


My brother sent a picture of his grand-daughter sitting in an airline captain’s seat. I notice that the  instrument panel looks sparse, with only a few large instruments. I compared that in my mind with ww2 or even 1970s panels that were crammed with instruments. I believe the key motivation for the change was studies by the military that found fighter pilots had information overload. It took too much time and thinking effort to find the correct instrument, recall which measurement scheme it used (inches, volts, amps, rpm, lb. per square inch, foot lb. lb. of fuel, etc. ) and then confirm that it was within a safe range, when you were flying close formation at 500 mph or trying to escape from SAM missiles or were in a dog fight.
   The result of those studies is that instruments are larger, simpler to read, but have mode functionality (push a button and it can display entirely different information).

   Realizing the limits of both time and knowledge of our own master elf Mx. I wonder if that could be applied in anyway to our instrument panel, especially the Battlefield screen. I am always jealous of every inch of screen space that gets covered by tool bars, information bars, browser navigation, popup boxes, etc. covering up my ships and enemy ships, and my path of ingress and egress to the target. For example we now have 3 popup boxes on the screen:

1. cannon/gun deck box
2. the Relational Effects box (between ships to Fatigue, shock, etc. I think that’s what it does)
3. the Ship ID box

1) Since only one box is used at a time, what a joy it would be if they occupied the same space with a button in the corner that would rotate the 3 different boxes.

2) An added joy would be being able to drag that box to an empty place on the screen, but that would just be whip cream on top of the berry pie.

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Publicado por: Munrox en Diciembre 07, 2010, 07:19:53 pm
You can activate/deactivate them (1 & 3) from the top-left options. Clicking on (2) will close it. Ya, I know it is quite slow and you can't select which one to activate/deactivate. I will think about it.

About getting rid of the browse's interface you can try clicking on ( (top-right of Velmad) or F11 on windows.
Título: Re: Jets de combate y la pantalla de Velma Batalla
Publicado por: Pepcock en Diciembre 07, 2010, 08:55:38 pm
I agree with adding an EICAS (Boeing) or ECAM (Airbus) to Velmad battlefield screen, locked at the usually less used corner which in my Firefox is at the rightmost side. I ask for it to the Three Magic Kings.  :D


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Publicado por: edward pellew en Diciembre 08, 2010, 12:06:01 am
Mr. Pepcock, I recall somewhere in the labrynth of posts we have here Mx urging us to lower our "offended" levels which get turned up to high sometimes. And I have just done so in honour of ... someone i'm sure, because when I turned to my last "heart's out-pouring" and no one had thought it succinctly brilliant, tastefully exquisite, admirable in every way, fun for the entire family, I only found your jest.

I am amazed to think that of the 100 captains, I am a party of one who gets continually, annoyed by importunate pop-ups. You need their information, so turning them off isn't a real option. Well, that's not true, I don't need the new box at all, and the gundeck box usually isn't needed till late in the game when I've actually lost a number of guns, but the Ship info box is essential, and sadly they are all tied together. As for the small X, box-closer, as everyone knows, it only lasts until you move your mouse 3 cm. and hit another ship, and 2 or 3 boxes pop-out like jack-in-the-box again.

So someone tell me, is everyone more patient than I, do you all have young children and know how to ignore small things  :D
Explain, Many You, why no one else cares, why  is there no outpouring of yes, hear him, hazzah, hazzah.

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Publicado por: Fluffy en Diciembre 08, 2010, 04:22:50 pm
You are not alone Edward, I find the decks pop up totally useless.
Título: Re: Jets de combate y la pantalla de Velma Batalla
Publicado por: edward pellew en Diciembre 08, 2010, 05:05:29 pm
It is enough, I can die in peace now.
Put my body in a cask of brandy and
carry me back to Minorca.

Bury me in the rose bed outside the Admiral's music room.
There I shall rest in the earth, Bach, Mozart, and Vivaldi
Streaming out the open windows on warm summer nights.
Título: Re: Jets de combate y la pantalla de Velma Batalla
Publicado por: Munrox en Diciembre 08, 2010, 09:23:20 pm
Added a new option to the options' page. There you can select "ventanas" (windows) "fuera" (outside). It will make disappear the decks box. To open it click on the gun icon.

I could make something similar to the mysterious relational effects box.
Título: Re: Jets de combate y la pantalla de Velma Batalla
Publicado por: Pepcock en Diciembre 09, 2010, 03:20:26 pm
Good, I have clicked on the gun and a new  window has opened with the guns information. We are on the way. What I find annoying too is the ship information (important on the other way) that flies around as you move the cursor around the screen. Would it be possible to solve the problem on a similar way. What would be really great would be to be able to "lock" those flying screens on the rightmost side of the screen.

By the way, edward, I have two little kids, a two and a five years old, so yep, my patience level is as huge as my free time scarce.

Eventhough, Mx  doesn't require much patience by our side due to his constant effort. He spends hours and hours of his time trying to improve the game. He has shown many times beeing opened to new ideas that can improve the game and maybe he has no time to implement everything. He also bears the main economical effort to keep the site on, so yes, it is not difficult to show my patience -even faith- with him.

Someday we will find our information windows steady and locked and this subject will be closed. Meanwhile, let's be patient, enjoy the game and wellcome every new option.

One more point; we are spanish, you can expect of us to do things free, but not fast  ;D


Título: Re: Jets de combate y la pantalla de Velma Batalla
Publicado por: edward pellew en Diciembre 11, 2010, 03:25:56 pm

Puede ser extraño encontrar una palabra que he utilizado durante mucho tiempo para describir a "ellos", convertido en una palabra que me doy cuenta ahora mismo describe. Al igual que cascarrabias de mediana edad, de mal humor. Así que tal vez usted tendrá que compartir parte de esa gran paciencia que tiene con sus hijos, conmigo.