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Velmad is a tactical game of naval battles in the age of sail. It is currently focused on the XVIII and XIX centuries but will be progressively expanded to other eras. It is also under development a strategic Velmad game whose battles will take place at the tactical game.

Velmad comprises a mixture of a miniatures online game and a boardgame online system and a naval rules book. Velmad is a system that allow players to play tactical naval battles online, similar to miniatures or board wargames battles, so it is a web wargame playable with any browser. Players can give their orders (make their turn moves) at any time. Velmad collects them and, when all players have done it, the system calculates all simultaneous movements and actions, damages and next turn, then shows the new map to players.

With Velmad you can find players all around the world to play naval tactical battles from your home without the need to be online at the same time. This is specially important for multiplayer games in big battles as Trafalgar.

Please, if you are new to Velmad and would like to play your first learning game open a new threat in this forum and quickly you will be playing exciting and intense naval battles.