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Game Map Interface
« en: Abril 01, 2008, 01:37:18 am »
When the turn time is completed, any player can move the remaining ships without orders under the same flag as his/hers. This way turns don't have to wait for absent players during days.

When all the ships have orders (finished their turn), turn will move to next one. So it is not necessary to complete the turn time to move to next turn if all players finished their turn before limit time.

Map Options

Targets: Shows all the possible targets inside a red square. Clicking over one of them will order your ship to shoot her when turn moves.
Move: Will show in light blue the position of our ship after moving.
Names and Flags: Shows the ships' names and her flag.
Shadows: Shows a big transparent flag under the ship.


Under "Port" and "Starboard" the name of the target ship will appear when fire order is given. If you want to cancel it, just click on the ship silhouette that will appear there.
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Re: Game Map Interface
« Respuesta #1 en: Junio 11, 2008, 11:37:20 am »
Beginners Guide for the Velmad Ship Controls
(by Vernon Coffee)

   This Guide is for the Game Map Interface or as I like to call it, the Quarterdeck screen. It is where you command your ship and gunnery, therefore understanding its features are essential to successfully wage war against the enemy. You might want to print this page out so you can read it while looking at a picture of the Quarterdeck screen which is located at

   Let’s beginning at the top left of the screen:

Wind- the first square shows the wind direction with a white arrow and the wind speed by the number underneath.

Rudder Control- in the center box

To make a change in the rudder direction, first select the amount of turn that you want, then click the button labeled rudder to confirm the selection. An outline image will appear before your ship showing what its new orientation will be when the Game Turn is run. There are 5 choices for the rudder:

1) hard a'port, a 2 point turn to the left
2) port, a 1 point turn to the left
3) straight ahead
4) starboard, a 1 point turn to the right
5) hard a'starboard, a 2 point turn to the right

It should be noted that the rudder will not respond to a change from full one side to full the other side. It is also possible to have your rudder damaged in combat, in which case it will not respond normally.  

Sail Selection- is also in the middle box, which gives you 3 or 4 levels of canvas to spread, the more sail, the faster you travel depending of course on the speed of the wind and the basic ability of each type of vessel. If you want to see what your position will be for the next Game Turn, select your rudder heading and your sail level, then press the Rudder button. As long as you do not end your turn with the red End Turn button, you can try out several different combinations of rudder and sail configurations.

Link Selection- in the top right hand corner the final box has 4 links:

1) with 4 black arrows, this expands the page to full screen mode (hit escape to exit)
2) the Green left hand arrow takes you back to the your main menu from which you can access most sections of the website concerned with fighting your ship.
3) the Gray arrow button designates which ships on your side are Without Orders
4) the Red button End of Turn, registers that you have finished making your choices. This button must be selected after you have made all your choices for the game to execute your orders. Once you press the red button, you can not change the orders.

Moving back to the left side of the screen.

Options- this section is accessed by clicking the black triangle, which reveals the following 7 options concerning displays of the Battle Map.

1) Targets- puts a faint red square around an enemy ship that your ship can fire on. At times you may disagree with what is or isn’t considered in your line of fire, but the computer always wins.

2) Move- creates a faint blue square and a ghost image under your own ship showing how your ship has moved forward and/or changed directions by the rudder.

3) Names- labels each ship with its name
4) Flags- lables each ship with a tiny flag of its country
5) Shadows- puts a faint large country flag under each ship

6) Info- places 2 small square on the map viewer, one shows the number of operating guns you have by deck, the other shows the pulling strength of the sails by mast and how many sails or set.
7) Zoom- has 3 levels: far, default, and close

If you want to change any of the map options, click the green no/si beside the item, then click the Apply button.

Cannon icon- represents the gunnery controls.

   The game does not allow the guns to be trainned either fore or aft. The are divided into a fore and aft division for each side and basically fire directly abeam or to the side of the ship. If you have selected the Option: Targets (mention above) the computer will designate a faint red square around any enemy ship you can fire on. If you wish to attack:

1) clicking the enemy ship with a red square will illuminate a green light under either the Port or Starboard button, depending on which side of you the enemy ship is on. Also the name of the enemy ship will apprear under the green light.

2) click the black triangle under the cannon image
3) Aim- decide whether you want to aim for the rigging (sails) or the hull
4) Reload- select the type of shot on the side of the ship that you are firing for reloading afterwards. Then you must guess which type of projectile you will want for the next turn from the following choices:

1) grape or bar shot- for damaging the rigging in order to disable the ship with the minimum of lasting damage
2) grape- to kill men on deck
3) round shot- to damage the hull and potentially sink the ship or set it afire
4) double shot- to severely damage the hull if you are at close range

Under the cannon icon are two charts, the top one is for the bow guns, the bottom for the stern. The number in the middle of each chart repesents the size of the gun (16 = 16 lb. cannon ball). The numbers on either side of the size represents the number of guns that are still in action.

Status Board- this is an abreviated visual form of the ship’s officers reporting the state of various areas of the ship.

1)   Hull- these points represents the soundness of the hull. As damage is sustained, points are losts. This is explainned in greater detail on the Info page and in the Velmad rules.
2)   Crew- is the total company, minus the dead and wounded
3)   Quality- is a designation rating the entire crew’s experience which effects fighting ability
4)   Fatigue and Morale cover stress to the crew’s body and mind. As these areas loose points, so does the crew’s ability to perform certain duties. Fatique has to do with the difficulty and frequency of work the crew is doing it.
5)   Morale- is mainly lost from suffering raking fire or loss of a mast
6)   Fore, Main, Mizzen- refers to the wind power each mast can deliver based on its size. The numbers decline from battle damage to the masts or sails.  

   Velmad’s learning curve is not as steep as many combat games, so after studying this sheet, don’t hesitate to join the next beginners game. More detailed information on all aspects of the game is available in the Velmad rules pdf file. Also feel free to post questions in the User Forum.
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Re: Game Map Interface
« Respuesta #2 en: Junio 11, 2008, 11:43:04 am »
Absolutely terrific job Vernon!! Thanks so much!!
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Re: Game Map Interface
« Respuesta #3 en: Junio 13, 2008, 07:11:39 pm »
In the near future Velmad's Rules v1.3 will be out. I think it could be a good moment to modify them.